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From the Desk of Matt and John Rhodes
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Dear Colleagues, Partners and Business Owners:

If you want MORE BUYERS for your products, services, coaching, consulting, e-commerce store, books, infoproducts, or local business...

Or if you're a "complete newbie" looking for a new way to get paid as you build autopilot traffic streams to start and grow your own business (of ANY kind)...

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  • NO Experience Required... (Absolutely Perfect for Beginners!)
  • NO Website Needed...
  • NO E-Mail List Needed...
  • NO Quora Posts Involved...
  • NO Facebook Needed...
  • NO Twitter Needed...
  • NO LinkedIn Needed...
  • NO Instagram, Pinterest or Other Social Media Involved...
  • NO YouTube or Video Production Needed...
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"This Sounds Amazing! What Do I Need To Get Started?"

  • You MUST be able to read and write in English (or work with someone who can)
  • To get paid directly into your bank account, you MUST live in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden or Switzerland
  • Note: If you don't live in one of the above countries, you CAN still use these Traffic Machines to get new buyers for your products, services, and affiliate offers, you just can't get directly paid
  • You MUST be willing to put in the effort to create your Traffic Machines (we make it as fast and easy as possible for you to do it)


The only requirements are listed above.

NO expertise or existing experience is required. NO technical setup is required. NO SEO, NO video production, NO magic is required.

(But we WILL show you a few "tricks of the trade" that we picked up while uncovering all of the diamonds hidden inside this traffic source.)

You set these One Minute Free Traffic Machines up once - and yes, it really does take as little as a minute when you follow our instructions and use the special methods we show you - then they'll reward you with traffic for years to come.

Some of these One Minute Traffic Machines bring in "only" a couple bucks and a few dozen laser-targeted buyers. Some of them bring in hundreds of dollars and thousands buyers.

Sometimes even more.

But what's most important is that they are 100% FREE and you can get them setup at lightning-fast speed, which means you can easily create multiple traffic machines in your spare time on a lazy afternoon.

Best of all, you...

Let me be crystal clear, here...

These traffic machines not only reward you with immediate, highly-targeted, USA-based BUYER Traffic to your products, services, business, or even affiliate offers...

This secret platform actually PAYS YOU to send you traffic.

The more Traffic Machines you build using their platform, and the more traffic that THEY send you (you don't need to resort to any "hacks" or "tricks" to make it all work)... the more that you get paid.

You're getting paid DIRECTLY by them.

Straight into your bank account. Every month, like clockwork.

This is a genuine BREAKTHROUGH for the "first timer" who has not only been struggling to earn their first few bucks online, but who wants to build a real base of BUYERS who are EAGER to buy their products...again...and again...

And it's an ABSOLUTE MUST - not to mention a healthy Bonus Income Stream - for established businesses that are looking to expand their reach, in any industry.

I know you must be curious...

  • This FREE Traffic Machine Source Is Active and Growing For 5+ Years...
  • It Organically Attracts 88 Million+ Unique Buyers EVERY MONTH...
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  • It Doesn't Cost You A Dime To Setup Or Use It, EVER...
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  • Over 50% of People With At Least One Traffic Machine Get Paid...
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This is a super fast, ground floor opportunity that almost no one else is taking advantage of. Our secret FREE Traffic Source not only pays you, but is loaded with buyers who are EAGER to purchase your products, services, coaching and information.

Although this secret Free Traffic Platform can never be saturated because it's growing so fast, we want you to be one of the very first to build your Free Traffic Machines using our simple, proven, step-by-step system...

This is BRAND NEW and never-seen-before. You are among the very first to see "under the hood" and get full access to One Minute Traffic Machines.

It was specifically designed to show you everything we know about tapping into this FREE traffic source in any industry of your choice... and turn those views into monthly payouts and Red Hot Buyers.

It is the complete step-by-step system that we are following today when we setup our One Minute Traffic Machines in all of the markets and industries that we are targeting.

After watching the videos included with One Minute Traffic Machines, you will know EXACTLY what you're doing - nothing will hold you back... 

In fact...

Our One Minute Traffic Machines "Over-the-Shoulder" Videos Include Everything You Need To Know...

  • Get the "One Minute Secret" for building your One Minute Traffic Machines at TOP SPEED
  • Discover our Secret "MIND HACKS" to make your One Minute Traffic Machines Grow Fast
  • See how you can tap into this Free Traffic System in ANY Niche, Market or Business
  • Secrets for using this FREE System for Your Sales Pages, Affiliate Pages, Opt-in Pages, etc.
  • How To Convert Your FREE Traffic into Red Hot Buyers, E-Mail Subscribers, and more
  • How To Build Your One Minute Traffic Machines To Generate You Easy MONTHLY Earnings
  • Why This FREE Traffic Source Beats Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Quora...
  • Exactly Where To Signup and How To Use this Free Traffic Machine - BEGINNER FRIENDLY!
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  • #1 SECRET RESOURCE on this One Minute Free Traffic Platform To Get More Buyers
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  • The "LAZY SYSTEM" for Tapping Into This FREE Traffic Source For Passive Sales...
  • REAL, LIVE Case Study Examples, Secrets, and Power Tips for SCALING UP Fast...

    See Live Examples of Real One Minute Free Traffic Machines


    Discover How To Convert FREE Traffic Into Real Buyers


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    We truly wanted to OVERDELIVER and let no stone be left unturned, so we’ve put together 9 more absolutely essential “over-the-shoulder” secrets so you can see EXACTLY how to best create your One Minute Traffic Machines.

    Secrets include, but are not limited to:

    – How Artificial Intelligence (AI) can build out your Traffic Machines fast
    Using “Force Multipliers” to get more buyers and cash from your machines
    – Secrets To Automate Production of Your Traffic Machines
    – FREE Resources for making your machines stand out
    – EARNING FAST CASH from One Minute Traffic Machines as a total beginner
    – Secret Value Pumps to convert more Readers into Buyers
    Fast BONUS Secrets for you to get even more FREE Traffic
    – REAL Case Studies to help you earn your own monthly payouts


    You get access to a FREE Secret Software Tool with your purchase of One Minute Traffic Machines today. Our One Minute Traffic Machine System is already incredibly effective, but this tool works to get even more traffic for you.

    This tool saves you loads of time and helps you get as much free traffic as possible. When you see “behind the curtain” at how this secret tool works to AUTOMATICALLY get you more traffic while you create your Traffic Machines, your mind will be blown.

    Please be warned, this powerful software tool is NOT for everyone and requires special approval from our secret platform to use. It’s easy to get approval and setup using the instructions we have for you, but it requires a WordPress blog and about 5 to 10 minutes to setup.

    (Don’t have a WordPress blog yet? You can still follow the Traffic Machines system and then use this secret software once you grow.)


    Would you prefer to read how One Minute Traffic Machines works rather than watch videos? We’re just like you and completely understand! We’ve included complete text transcripts of ALL video modules so you can read and take notes at your own pace.


    Our One Minute Traffic Machines System is the best way to get new buyer traffic and earn monthly payouts – but there are other systems you can tap into in tandem with One Minute Traffic Machines to get floods of even more organic, highly-targeted buyer traffic at absolutely no cost.

    This FREE LIVE Workshop for buyers of One Minute Traffic Machines will show you how to tap into the #1 source of FREE traffic on the internet and drastically boost your authority and credibility in the process. This gives you our top secrets for going from 0 to over 100 FREE Daily Visitors, even if you’re a complete beginner.

    You’ll be blown away when you see how fast and easy this is – and how you can cash in with this powerful system that virtually no one does in the way that we show you.


    We’re going to show you six (6) case studies and personal experiences of those who are publishing and profiting with the secret One Minute Traffic Machines platform we share with you so you can copy their system for success for yourself.

    These case studies you get will introduce you to those who are just getting started and have earned their first few dollars… and those who are growing fast and earning over $300 per day. (Those results are not typical.)

Let Us Show You How To Get Monthly Payouts While Building Your Free Traffic Machines!

The complete step-by-step system and secret source you'll discover inside One Minute Traffic Machines is something that everyone needs to use.

We could easily charge $99 or more for access to this. In fact, with all of the videos and bonuses you're getting with your purchase today, we'd actually be devaluing the value of the training you're getting today, even at the $99 price tag.

But because we remember what it's like to be starting out and trying to grow your business from scratch, we wanted to make this an absolute no-brainer deal for you.

Instead of charging what this system is truly worth, you get access at a tiny fraction of what the price should be, that anyone, on any budget, can afford...

You Get Special Launch Discount Pricing:

Your Purchase Is Protected By Our Iron-Clad 30 Day

Our "Try It Free" 100% Guarantee

Getting You More Free Traffic is Our Absolute #1 Priority. Implement the strategies and techniques inside One Minute Traffic Machines and all of the bonuses you get today. Report your results to us after implementing our step-by-step training and building your first traffic machine.

If after building your first traffic machine you don't get the free traffic you deserve, just contact our support desk ( within 30 days of purchase and our friendly customer support team will personally help you get more traffic. In the unlikely case that we still can't get your traffic machines to bring buyers to you, our team will issue you a full refund. 

With our guarantee, it's like you get to try the entire One Minute Traffic Machines system for free. Put our system into action and you will get traffic. It's that simple - we guarantee that this system will work for you when you implement it.

Questions Before You Join Us Inside?

  • q-iconWhat is One Minute Traffic Machines?

    One Minute Traffic Machines contains 14 step-by-step videos revealing exactly how to build your own Free Traffic Machines using our secret source of Red Hot Buyers. It reveals real case studies of live money-making examples and shows you exactly how you can copy our proprietary system for any niche or industry.

  • q-iconWho Can Use This System?

    Anyone, in any industry or with any website, from any country, can use this system to get more targeted customers to their website, products, affiliate products or business from anywhere in the world. It works for all markets, niches and marketplaces.

  • q-iconHow Much Do I Need To Invest To Start?

    Absolutely nothing. You can setup the One Minute Traffic Machines system at no cost. All you need to invest is the cost of the One Minute Traffic Machines system step-by-step training, available at a substantial discount. We’ll even show you how you can get paid while you grow your own traffic machines.

  • q-iconWho Can Make Money With These Machines?

    Everyone is able to earn from their FREE traffic machines by getting traffic to products and services they sell or by selling them as an affiliate. Directly linking to offers as an affiliate partner is OK! To be eligible for monthly payouts via this Traffic Machine, you must live in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, or one of the many other countries listed above.

  • q-iconHow Much Can I Earn?

    The case studies you get will introduce you to those who are just getting started and have earned a few dollars… and those who are growing fast and earning over $300 per day. Those results are not typical. The average person will make no money with this because most people do not take action on the training they buy.

  • q-iconIs There a Guarantee?

    You get our 30 Day “Try It Free” Guarantee. If you implement our training and don’t get the results you expect, let us know and we’ll make sure that our team personally helps you attract the traffic you deserve. In the unlikely event that our personal assistance still doesn’t bring you more buyer traffic, we will issue a full refund. We’re here to get you more buyer traffic!

  • q-iconHow Do My Traffic Machines Pay Me?

    You can not only earn money and get paid directly into your bank account in partnership with this platform…you can also earn money by sending traffic to products and services that make you money – both your own and affiliate offers!

  • q-iconHow Much Buyer Traffic Can I Get?

    It’s impossible to say exactly how well it will work for you depending on the niche you’re in. We can say that some Traffic Machines are pulling in 1,000’s of new targeted leads daily, and some of our own Traffic Machines have gotten Page One rankings in less than 24 hours.

  • q-iconHow Do I Reach You If I Need Help?

    Our friendly support team is on standby 7 days a week to assist you at our priority help desk at

  • q-iconCan I Do This In One Minute?

    Yes. There are secrets for following the process much faster than nearly anyone else. You can also get others to do the “work” for you in as little as one minute.

These Free Traffic Machines Change Everything

One Minute Traffic Machines is the result of an enormous amount of time and personal experience, and we've specifically created it to be the absolute BEST step-by-step instructions available on building your own FREE Traffic Machines today. You not only attract ultra-targeted buyers for your website, you have the opportunity to get paid as you grow your traffic machines.

No matter what stage your business is in, or what niche markets that you target...building your own One Minute Traffic Machines is a smart, long-term investment in real assets that will pay you back for years to come, both with buyers and monthly payouts.

Download One Minute Traffic Machines now and put it into action for yourself for 30 full days. If you don't see the results you expect, I insist that you e-mail our team and ask for our help to get you more traffic. You have everything to gain when you put this system to work for you.

This is the truth: We want you as a lifelong customer. When you benefit, we benefit. We put our money where our mouth is - we pay our team to personally help you make your traffic machines get more buyers if it fails after you put it to work.

Download One Minute Traffic Machines and try out our system right now.

Thank you for reading. We can't wait to see your results - we'll see you inside.

Matt and John Rhodes
"The Rhodes Brothers"
Creators, One Minute Traffic Machines

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