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Work1099 Accelerator includes our invaluable toolset with drag-and-drop mobile app building, direct customer response marketing, conversion tracking, split-testing and keyword mining to maximize profitability, tap new markets, and boost customer retention.

Most importantly, Work1099 Accelerator includes our 1-on-1 VIP Assistance. If you need help or advice to grow your business or use our tools, our team is on standby to provide guidance anytime you need it.

  • UNIVERSAL APP MAKER: Build Mobile Apps with our Drag-and-Drop Builder for Apple, Android, Amazon Stores
  • SELFSURVE: Direct Customer Response Marketing Tool To Engage & Convert Customers
  • CONVERSION CHECKER: Track Customer Conversions Across Different Funnels & Sources
  • LEAD SPLITTER: Divide Incoming Traffic To 2 or More Page Variations To Track & Boost Sales
  • KEYWORD MINER: Discover The Keywords Your Buyers Are Using Direct From Market Sources
  • PERSONAL USE LICENSE: Personal Use License to all Work1099 Accelerator Tools (Need a Multi-Use License for employees, contractors or agents? Contact us.)
  • DIRECT ASSISTANCE: Get 1-on-1 VIP Guidance Directly From Our Instructors and Managers

All testimonials are for tutorials, tools and templates offered inside Work1099:

Even when it's a topic I know well, there's always something in there that makes it a good deal. Makes it kind of an easy decision when you know that's going to be the case.

Paul Myers, Talkbiz News

I bought this because like most folks online, I'm always looking for new perspectives that might help me improve, so of course I jumped on the chance to listen to Matt discuss how he handles this aspect of his business. As soon as I had finished the first video, I knew that this would be a keeper. They say that for a product to really be successful you need to give the customer 10x the value that they paid. Well, whatever your beliefs are on profitable product creation, there's no denying that this over delivers on all accounts.

David R., Author and Copywriter

With Work1099 Accelerator, You Can...

Build Unlimited Mobile Apps With Drag-N-Drop Builder

  • Convert Your Website or Storefront Into An App Instantly
  • Create Completely New Custom Apps From Scratch
  • Includes Dozens of App Templates and Game Templates
  • Mix-n-Match Built-In Features or Custom Code In Every App
  • Unlimited Push Notifications Included: Get In Touch With Users Anytime
  • Build Unlimited Apps with Unlimited Users and Downloads
  • Easy Customizing and Drag-and-Drop Features Anyone Can Use
  • Cloud Access from Any Device: Develop Apps Anywhere

Get Your App Download Stats Right From Your Dashboard

Build Your Own Mobile Apps with Ready-Made Templates

Customize Every Color & Add New Features In One Click

Discover Who Your Customer Is Through Direct Response

  • Build Unlimited Forms/Surveys, Get Unlimited Responses
  • Mobile Friendly Forms and Surveys for Your Respondents
  • Aweber Integration: Add Your Respondents To E-Mail Lists Automatically
  • Instantly Clone Surveys for Easy Split-Testing
  • Custom 3rd Party Tracking and Re-Targeting Integration
  • Complete Look-and-Feel Styling Customization
  • Cloud Access From Any Device: Survey Customers Anywhere

Create Forms and Surveys with Custom Branding and Scripts

Question and Response Types for Every Marketing Need

Track and Convert Your Visitors With Conversion Checker

  • Create Unlimited Links To Any Webpage (Yours or Others)
  • Create Unlimited Conversion Tracking Codes
  • Easily Split-Test Traffic Across Multiple Different Page Variations
  • Automatically Choose Winning Variation After Set Number of Conversions
  • 3rd party tracking integration
  • Install on any website via FTP or our WordPress Plugin
  • Easy Drag-and-Drop Installation via FTP (We Install for a Minimal Fee)

Tracking Customer Conversions Is Finally As Easy As 1-2-3

STEP 1: Choose a redirect name (url.com/link-name) and destination (anyotherpage.com)


STEP 2: Choose the number of conversions before a winning variation is automatically chosen.


STEP 3: Add Tracking Code with Custom Conversion Tags To Any Page



The Virtuous Circle

The simple fact is this - when each visitor to your website earns you more, it means that you can afford to spend more to acquire each customer as well. It's a virtuous cycle.

The tools available inside Work1099 Accelerator are exactly what our team is using as we speak to build sales funnels and engage with our clients across multiple industries and markets.

Although you can get by using free traffic to start, every serious business will eventually invest in their growth through advertising and customer acquisition. That's where Work1099 Accelerator comes in.

These tools enable us to easily earn more than twice the amount of profit per customer while spending less than half the cost to acquire them - because we focus on the best-performing funnels and keywords. With Work1099 Accelerator, for the first time, you can copy our processes to attract more customers and find out exactly what makes them tick.

How Work1099 Accelerator Boosts Profit

Here's an example of how using Work1099 Accelerator can put your business into overdrive. Let's say you are selling a $50 product, with a 1% conversion rate.

That means for every 100 visitors to your website, 1 person purchases, so each visitor is worth $0.50.

Simple enough. That means if you can pay $0.40 per visitor through advertising, you'll earn an expected profit of $0.10 per visitor. Not bad.

epvBut with the software inside Work1099 Accelerator, you can do better.

Let's say you have two variations of your sales page, and through our split-testing and conversion tracking tools you're able to boost a variation of your sales page to a 2% conversion rate.

Again, that means for every 100 visitors to your website, 2 people purchase, so each visitor to your website now becomes worth $1.00.

If you're paying $0.40 per visitor, that means you'll earn an expected profit of $0.60 per visitor. Through 1099 Accelerator Software, although you have "only" doubled your value per visitor...you have boosted your earnings per visitor (EPV) by 500%.

With those kind of earnings, you can afford to pay more for each click on your ads. That makes it a heck of a lot easier to start outspending your competitors and become the Top Dog in your industry, if you so choose.

It should be obvious to you - if you're serious about scaling up your growth, tracking your sources and boosting your conversions is a must.

No exceptions.

Work1099 Accelerator Does It All For You

  • Split-test your traffic sources among multiple sales page variations
  • Instantly create redirect links on your own domain (//yoursite.com/link)
  • Cloak your affiliate links to protect you from commission hijackers
  • Unique click tracking to track results from your individual campaigns
  • Duplicate click filtering to ensure tracking data is completely accurate
  • Track multiple conversion goals to compare results from your promotions
  • Return visitor tracking if visitors leave, come back, then convert later
  • Easy tracking implementation for even the biggest "tech idiots"
  • Click-to-conversion(s) analysis for each individual link at-a-glance
  • Privately hosted on your own server to protect from nosy third parties
  • One-click download in .csv format for all of your invaluable tracking stats
  • Retarget your visitors to automatically create a list of interested customers
  • Drag-and-drop installation to get you started in less than 30 seconds
  • Get responses and feedback directly from your customers, leads and prospects
  • Build unlimited mobile apps to engage with your customers and attract new leads
  • Personal-use to all Work1099 Accelerator Tools and the Work1099 Library
  • Direct 1-on-1 VIP Advice and Assistance

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Work1099 Accelerator Includes All This:

  • UNIVERAL APP BUILDER: Use this robust, drag-and-drop tool to build an unlimited number of apps for Apple, Android and Amazon app stores. (Build an unlimited number of apps for yourself or clients.)
  • SELFSURVE: This Direct Response Marketing Platform enables you to build an unlimited number of forms, questionnaires, surveys, and lead pages to engage your perspective customers and find out what makes them want to buy.
  • CONVERSION CHECKER: This power tool tracks conversions across your marketing funnels and traffic sources to determine your most effective sources of customers.
  • LEAD SPLITTER: Testing your sales pages is a must, and using our split-tester is the easiest way to do it. You can easily divide traffic between multiple variations of a sales page to determine which variation is most effective. Works well alone or with our other conversion tools.
  • KEYWORD MINER: Every platform has different customer search keywords that are most effective to target on that particular platform. These Keyword Extractors help you identify possible keyword targets related to your market individually, for every platform.
  • 1-ON-1 VIP SUPPORT: Contact our VIP Support Desk 24/7 for direct assistance in growing your business and personal advice on what to do next.

Work1099 Accelerator Gets Results

We have been implementing all of these our tools in our sales funnels during the last 2 to 10 years (depending on how new the tool is.)

These tools work to help boost book sales, Amazon product sales, infoproduct sales, high-end services sales, software sales, recurring product sales, B2B sales, and pretty much any other product or service you and your company sell. We've seen very successful results across several different platforms, marketplaces and product funnels using our tools:

Work1099 Attract New Customers Get Traffic

Our results using our systems and software. Results not typical & vary.


You Get Direct Guidance and Advice To Help You Sell More

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Every Work1099 purchase is protected by our “Love It or Pay Nothing” 100% Money Back Guarantee. Put the tools inside Work1099 Accelerator to work for your and your business. If you don’t think it’s worth every penny you pay (and more), just e-mail us within 60 days of your purchase and our priority support team will issue a full refund.

Your purchase is 100% protected by our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. Love it and get full use out of Work1099 Accelerator, or you pay nothing. It's that simple.

I look forward to personally helping you use our tools and build your business via our 1-on-1 VIP Support Service. We can not only help you get started, but provide directions on where to go next. This alone is worth many times the cost of Work1099 Accelerator. You get access at our lowest price when you join on this page.

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P.S. Work1099 Accelerator is the single best way for you to drastically scale up your business. Track your conversion rates. Split-test your traffic. Retarget your visitors to get your traffic to come back to your website - and then convert them into customers.

If you're serious about growing your business faster, use Work1099 Accelerator. There is no risk for you to upgrade your order, and all future purchases are 100% protected with our 60 day money-back guarantee.

Questions Before You Upgrade?

  • q-iconWhat is Work1099 Accelerator?

    Work1099 Accelerator is an upgrade to our Work1099 Membership which includes access to our in-house tools, including Universal App Maker, SelfSurve, Conversion Checker, and Lead Splitter. It also includes an Enterprise License to Work1099 and our tools.


  • q-iconWhat is a Personal-Use License?

    A Personal-Use License grants you the right to access the Work1099 library and install and use the tools listed on this page and inside Work1099 Accelerator. You cannot share the tools or library access with anyone else.

  • q-iconWho can use Work1099 Accelerator?

    Work1099 Accelerator is recommended for any business with an online presence, or any person starting a new company, in any industry or with any website, in any language, can use this system to help sell more products and services and convert more customers from anywhere in the world.


  • q-iconHow much do I need to invest?

    You get a substantial 50% discount off of Enterprise pricing through this page, which includes all our tools and renews at $49.99 monthly for continued access until cancelled. You can easily cancel anytime at our support desk at 1099support.com or by e-mail at support@work1099.com.


  • q-iconHow do I reach you if I need help?

    Our friendly support team is on standby 7 days a week to assist you at 1099support.com and via e-mail at support@work1099.com.

  • q-iconHow long will delivery take?

    All content inside Work1099 Accelerator is a digital download so you will get instant access to everything as soon as you join us and register, including all tools and Work1099 Accelerator Member’s access.

  • q-iconHow are the tools delivered?

    SelfSurve and Universal App Maker are cloud-based, meaning you can use it with any internet-connected device. Conversion Checker, Lead Splitter, and Keyword Miner tools are available as a Wordpress plugin or web script. Other tools can either be installed on your own servers or accessed via our servers.


  • q-iconIs there a money back guarantee?

    We want you to be completely satisfied, which is why you’re completely protected by our 60 Day Iron-Clad 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you aren’t absolutely thrilled with our system or Work1099 or anything we’ve offered you in any way, just let us know. We stand behind what we sell.


Here's Everything You Get Inside

  • UNIVERSAL APP MAKER: Build Mobile Apps with our Drag-and-Drop Builder for Apple, Android, Amazon Stores
  • SELFSURVE: Direct Customer Response Marketing Tool To Engage & Convert Customers
  • CONVERSION CHECKER: Track Customer Conversions Across Different Funnels & Sources
  • LEAD SPLITTER: Divide Incoming Traffic To 2 or More Page Variations To Track & Boost Sales
  • KEYWORD MINER: Discover The Keywords Your Buyers Are Using Direct From Market Sources
  • DIRECT ASSISTANCE: Get 1-on-1 VIP Guidance Directly From Our Instructors, Managers and Founder

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