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Your One-Time $90 Instant Discount Will End In...

Date: October 15, 2018

MattFrom the Desk of Matt Rhodes
Founder of Work1099

Dear Entrepreneur:

Imagine's based on a true story.

It's a lazy Sunday afternoon and your feeling a little antsy. You know that tomorrow, at the crack of dawn, you have to go back to the dreaded 9-5 (more like 8-6) Slave Pits.

Dreaded 9-5You know that your overworked and underpaid, and you're damn sick of it.

So you walk over to your computer, sit down, and decide that you're going to do something about it.

Over the next few hours, you use your imagination to write out the details on a simple new idea that you had been thinking about for a long time. You e-mail the full project details over to your personal virtual assistant.

Just a few minutes later you get a response back...

"I'll begin right away... thank you for the opportunity!"

You sit back and relax because you know this isn't you average personal assistant...

You Don't Have to Pay a
Single Penny Upfront!

You virtual assistant cracks away for you, typing away on your behalf without getting paid anything upfront. Your assistant is eager to build your project to your exact specifications because he knows he won't get paid if you aren't completely happy.

So you go to work... and just days later, an exciting e-mail hit your your inbox...

Your "Secret Project" is complete... and more importantly, ready to make you money.

You're thrilled with the results, so you send $70 to your assistant. He's happy, and you're more than willing to pay him because you know that his work is going to earn you a tenfold or more return on your investment.

You work another couple of "grueling hours" setting up a super-simple website to sell your new Secret Project and send out a few free copies to a number of movers-and-shakers in the industry.

But you're feeling particularly adventurous today. You know that it's not required, but you decide to "take the risk" and invest a meager $50 more on some pay-per-click advertising.

Total expenses:
$70 to have someone build this "Secret Project" for you + $50 for advertising = $120

Now it's time for the hardest part...

The dreaded... waiting.

Hours feel like days. You're so excited for your first sale that you can hardly stand it, so you try to distract yourself.

But, no matter what you try, it doesn't just keep clicking the refresh button. For hours, nothing comes in.

Finally, you strike gold...

The first $27 sale of your "Secret Project".

A few minutes later, you get another...and then another...and within 24 hours of release, you've already earned an unbelievable return on your investment:

Your First Returns

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You know that you've hit a winner, and now it's time to scale it up so you can make even more money.

There are a lot more ways to make money with your secret project, but...

What happens next is really up to YOU.

See, the story you just read really is based on a true story...but...

It's Really Nothing More Than a
Simple 4-Step System...

It's really easy to copy this system yourself:

  • 1

    You use your imagination and write out details to solve a problem or profit from a market opportunity.


  • 2

    You send your "Secret Project" details to your virtual assistant and advise on any needed changes.


  • 3

    You put your "Secret Project" up for sale, send out free copies of your software and/or advertise (optional)


  • 4

    Analyze, tweak, adjust and profit!


It's not difficult, time-consuming or even expensive to simply create one "Secret Project" after another. What's even better is that you'll have developed a true ASSET that you can sell, license, or anything else you can imagine. It's yours. It's like a piece of real estate that you can sell, rent out, or transfer as part of your business.

More importantly, this same scenario can and will happen to you, but only if you have the will to make it happen.

And, it's a lot easier than you probably think...

Secret Project Revealed

This will probably surprise you.

Matt Rhodes (author of 4-Hour Software and founder of Work1099) couldn't write a program or develop software if his depended on it. Matt doesn't have a clue how C++, Javascript, HTML5, PHP, MySQL, or any other programming language works.

He doesn't even understand the basics. (Seriously.)

Yet, despite that, Matt has sold $10,000's worth of his own software. All he does is simply think up simple software ideas and have the ideas created by programmers from all corners of the world.

Sales Records

If you've never created a piece of software before, it might sound a little intimidating.

But, it's not. It just costs a few bucks and a couple hours of your time.

Look, everyone has good ideas. And even if you don't have an idea for a piece of software at the top of your head, there are opportunities for it everywhere.

There's a big reason that software engineering is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, ranked as the #1 job in the United States by CNN, Forbes, Money Magazine, and many others...

There's HUGE market opportunity literally everywhere in the software industry:

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Huge Market


Your Multi-Trillion Dollar Market Opportunity

Usually when people say "trillions of dollars" they're talking about government debt. That's not the case this time.

Apple alone is a $600 billion dollar company, Microsoft is worth nearly $500 billion. Both do create hardware, but most of their time and effort goes towards software development. Think about it - for both companies, the core of the experience are their Operating Systems (and all the software built on top of that).

Do the math - with those two companies alone, you're already over a trillion dollars already.

On top of that, there are thousands of smaller software companies just like them, all focused on niche markets, large and small.

Software development is already a huge market, and it's only going to continue rapidly expanding as new pieces of hardware and technology are developed. It will continue to become a bigger and more important part of our lives.

But what's amazing is that it's so easy to create your own software.

You start small and scale up. The story you read before is based on Matt's story....and it can be yours too.

It's not expensive to get started and have others create software for pennies of what it's worth to you:

Develop Saoftware for Pennies on the Dollar

The $70 "Secret Project" Matt Rhodes created was nothing more than a simple WordPress plugin...but it sold like crazy at $27. The sales you saw in the screenshot above were for this particular piece of software alone.

Even crazier, this "Secret Project" took only 4 hours to build. We'll show you how to do it...there are countless ways to create your own piece of software, and anyone can do it.

So, to help you get started, we've built a series of step-by-step video tutorials that lays out exactly how to use virtual programmers to build your own simple software programs...

...and exactly how to use them to make a handsome profit automatically, each and every month...

Subscription Payments

Introducing one of our most important and profitable training courses to date...

Grow Automatic Monthly Profit:
Build Your Own Software Business,
100% Step-By-Step

4-Hour Software

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We've compiled everything you need to know into a six-module video training course called 4 Hour Software. We walk through literal step-by-step examples that you can use as a model to start building (or expanding) your own profitable software business.

We are revealing literally everything you need to know to build your own software company:

  • How to leverage your assets as a software developer. There are a lot of ways to profit from your software, and we walk you through multiple techniques. (Module 1, Module 5)
  • Our preferred sources for finding cheap, super-high quality programmers. (Module 2)
  • The exact steps you need to follow to find and research high-profit software niches. (Module 2)
  • The one never-fail "Secret Technique" for generating a near-endless stream of super-profitable software ideas. This method is so simple it can be followed by a well-trained monkey. (Module 2)
  • What to do if someone has already created your software idea - or if they copy you. (Module 2)
  • A full list of qualities that nearly all high-quality virtual programmers possess. These qualities ensure they create the safest and most efficient software programs possible. (Module 3)
  • Critical warning signs that your programmer is off-course...or worse, scamming you. Fear not! This doesn't happen often, but you need to know how to protect yourself. (Module 3)
  • A comprehensive briefing of the most profitable software opportunities today, and exactly what you can do to monetize those opportunities. (Module 3, Module 5)
  • How to work with programmers and pay no money upfront. You pay only for results, and you'll often get a working prototype of the software in your hands before you even send a penny. (Module 3)
  • The simple 6-step process that for you to follow each and every time that you build a new piece of software. (Module 4)
  • A massive list of strategies you can use to make money from any software program. Multiple monetization techniques can often be applied to a single program for additional profit. (Module 5)
  • How to give away your software for free... and earn money from it. (Module 5)
  • The most effective ways to promote and advertise your software. In addition, you'll discover advanced strategies and test results based upon Matt Rhodes' 10 years of marketing experience. (Module 5, Module 6)
  • The ONE SECRET WORD that is essential to the success of EVERY software project. (Module 5)
  • Three (3) Live Case Study Examples of ultra-simple software programs that have made a ton of money for their creators. One of case studies is from the story you just read on this page. (Module 6)
  • Much, much, MUCH more. Seriously, there's a lot more inside that we can't reveal until you're officially "in."

As we have said- we leave no stone left unturned. No man left behind. You will learn everything you need to do to build your own software company, from beginning to end.

You Get EVERYTHING You Need:
Listen, Watch, or Read Your Way To Software Creation!

4-Hour Software, available only inside our Work1099 Member's Area, is different from everything you've read about software creation before. You don't need anything else to get started because nothing is left out.

  • 6 Video Modules

    Everything you need to create your own highly-profitable virtual software business is provided inside the 6 training modules, from beginning-to-end.

  • MP3 Audio

    Listen to the training anytime: On the go, while you exercise, while you commute.

  • PDF Transcripts

    Prefer to read, rather than watch video? You get PDF transcripts of all 4-Hour Software training.

  • Master Mindmap

    Get a downloadable version of the 4-Hour Software Master Mindmap to quickly refer to the core principles.

  • Much, Much More

    4-Hour Software is packed with so many insightful tips and techniques, we couldn’t possibly list everything here.

After watching, reading and/or listening to 4 Hour Software, you'll understand everything you need to know:

  • How to use your imagination to build software
  • How to start small and grow your business with software
  • How to build software you can use in your current business
  • How to work with programmers with no money down
  • How to find and hire the best programmers
  • How to improve existing software for profit
  • How to think up new software ideas
  • How to build any piece of software in 6 steps
  • How to advertise and promote your software
  • How to give away free copies of software for profit
  • How to make programs simple and easy-to-use
  • How to leverage your software as an asset
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That's only the tip of the iceberg. There's much more that you'll discover once you're inside.

No doubt, as a 4 Hour Software customer, you're getting access to a priceless resource. We are going to show you how to build your own software company without ever being overwhelmed or intimidated.

You never have to worry about information overload...We have broken it down into simple, bite-sized chunks so it's easy to digest. The training has been specifically designed so that you can take action as quickly as possible.

4-Hour Software Is A Bargain
For Smart Businesses (At Any Price)

This is real-world business training with personal "in-the-field" experience by marketing expert Matt Rhodes. Priced at $97 or higher, 4-Hour Software would be a bargain for many businesses - they could easily apply the tips and techniques inside and earn 5x, 10x or far more back from their investment.

You simply can't put a price on the knowledge of understanding how to build the systems that make money for your business. It's essential for any business startup. However, at a $97 price tag, we would end up driving away many of the small businesses that could use this training the most.

So, we've done something radically different instead.

We're offering a $90 off discount to new customers who are willing to immediately take action with the training materials presented inside 4-Hour Software. Right now, 4-Hour Software is available exclusively to Work1099 Members. (Already a member? Click here to login and begin watching 4-Hour Software immediately!)

You can unlock the profitable training inside 4-Hour Software for only $97 only $7 today only (as part of our Sell Software in 2017 Sale for new Work1099 Members...)

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Your One-Time $90 Instant Discount Will End In...

It's plain and simple: watch this training, then apply it to your business immediately to grow and make more money, faster. Utilize virtual programmers to grow your business and do all of the hard work for you - and you get to collect the profit.

Get started right now, because there's absolutely no risk to you or your business.

With 4-Hour Software, you're protected by our "Love It or Pay Nothing" 100% Money Back Guarantee...

No Matter What You Decide...
You Must Create Software In 2017!

We'll Help You Get Started - Or You Pay Absolutely Nothing.

Every Work1099 purchase is protected by our “Love It or Pay Nothing” 100% Money Back Guarantee. Read through the materials and put them to work. If you don’t think it’s worth every penny you paid (and them some), just e-mail us within 30 days and our priority support team will issue a full refund.

Do not miss the opportunity to download all of the invaluable training and resources inside 4-Hour Software (and the rest of Work1099). The price to access Work1099 and 4-Hour Software will go up after the "Create Software in 2017!" sale ends.

Make the smart decision: Click the Add to Cart button to join Work1099 and begin watching 4-Hour Software instantly.

All the best,
Matt Rhodes
Creator, 4-Hour Software


P.S. Thank you for reading. We know your time is valuable, and that you're going to get a lot of use out of 4-Hour Software and Work1099. We can't wait to hear what you create with it.

P.P.S. Anyone can do this. Yes, that means you. It doesn't take a genius to create a piece of software; you just need to know how to properly design it, find a good programmer, and the rest takes care of itself. Click the Add to Cart button now and I'll show you how (but be sure to do it before your $90 discount expires):

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Your One-Time $90 Instant Discount Will End In...